The Compleat Discography

Witches Abroad

Episode Summary

In this book we return to the power trio of Granny, Nanny, and Magrat as they immerse themselves in the magic of stories. Most of this book is very funny and full of great ideas, but it is marred by a through-line of cultural appropriation that feels like a severe misstep even at a 30 year remove.

Episode Notes

Magrat inherits the duties of a fairy godmother, and obviously Granny and Nanny come along to make sure the wedding is adequately broken up. There is a wonderful "British tourists on the Continent" storyline, some extremely funny murder-cat moments, the Disc's second-greatest lover, the first appearance of Dwarf Bread... and then Sir Terry decides to incorporate Voodoo as a major plotline, which is unfortunate to put it mildly. We discuss this as well as four people outside the religious and cultural practice of Voodoo can, but if this topic is upsetting, please take that into account.

An image of Patch(Wolverine) who may be an inspiration for HumanGreebo?

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