The Compleat Discography

The Compleat Thanography Part 3: Nona the Ninth

Episode Summary

Heads up, we're talking BONES. It's time for us to gather the gang back together and debrief from NONA THE NINTH.

Episode Notes

Almost exactly two years later, we stray far away from the Disc to the realms of the Emperor Undying, because Nona the Ninth came out and we couldn't NOT talk about it. We had (and mostly ignored) a planning document, so... uh... strap in. SO MANY SPOILERS.  Also, as we are talking and swearing about books about queer space necromancers, if body horror ain't your thing, then please go prep for either Going Postal (tomorrow) or THUD (next month).

Here's the Harrow Party Bus Diagram

Here's the Spotify playlist made by Aly, which is only twice as long as this dang episode.


Aly Grauer is a professional renaissance woman. A writer, actor, and cosplayer, she is also a voice over artist, and serves as audio producer for a number of podcasts, including Skyjacks: Courier’s Call, where she also performs the character June Hymnal. She can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok @ dreamstobecome.

Jude Vais will get a bio when he reads a damn Terry Pratchett book.

The Hive by Kevin MacLeod