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Monstrous Regiment

Episode Summary

In which we are joined by author, musician, and Pratchett mega-fan Marc Burrows to discuss Monstrous Regiment. Spoilers abound, please consider reading the book before listening. This episode is dedicated to a friend who trusted us enough to tell us who they are.

Episode Notes

"There is no one alive who will get every joke in a Terry Pratchett book." - Marc Burrows

Monstrous Regiment is a book about war, gender politics, queerness, and socks.

Our guest, Marc Burrows, can be found at and @20thcenturymarc on Twitter. He is the author of the Locus award-winning biography of Sir Terry, The Magic of Terry Pratchett, and several other books, including the upcoming book The London Boys: David Bowie, Marc Bolan and the 60s Teenage Dream . He is a delight.


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