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Interesting Times

Episode Summary

Interesting Times is a challenging one from a modern perspective. It is centered around an unfortunately common fantasy trope of "pretty much East Asia". Approach with caution.

Episode Notes

While this is probably the best Rincewind we've seen, the book is weighed down by leaning hard on a mishmash of Fantasy Asia tropes... and then there's the Silver Horde and some repeated sexual assault jokes. We're not saying DON'T read the book, but approach it with open eyes and an understanding that it overall may not sit well with you. We didn't feel comfortable deeply dissecting the Fantasy Asia stuff considering our own backgrounds, but we want to circle and highlight it to you. That being said, there are some wickedly smart jokes throughout--and ample room for TwoWind shipping.

For a much better resource on Fantasy Asia, we strongly encourage you to check out all the great work being done over at Asians Represent, both the podcast and related works.

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