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Going Postal

Episode Summary

In which: We discuss Going Postal, The Virtues of New Protagonists, Tabletop RPGs, and Whether Delaware is Real. CW: for obvious reasons, we say "moist" a lot.

Episode Notes

Night Watch may be the pivotal Vimes book, but Going Postal is probably the pivotal Ankh-Morpork book--and the pivotal Vetinari book. It's a great read in terms of plot and writing, and it has a diamond-sharp message.

We're joined this month by friend of the show and game design hero Kevin Kulp! 

Kevin Kulp (@kevinkulp) is the co-author of Swords of the Serpentine, GUMSHOE swords & sorcery out now in hardback and PDF from Pelgrane Press. Kevin’s previous game was the investigative time travel rpg TimeWatch. When he’s not writing games he’s either smoking BBQ or helping 24-hour companies with shiftwork, sleep, and alertness.


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