The Compleat Discography

Equal Rites

Episode Summary

In which we learn how a wizard is born, and what happens if it's not a boy; what witches do; wait, that guy was an apple tree?; Granny is bae; let's just remember that Esk is 8 years old here; which witch is which?; a very long journey for an 8 year old with a violent magic staff; Adventure! Excitement! Really Wild Stuff!; wizard/witch duel? wizard/witch duel!; the real magic was inside you all along. And it's gross in there.

Episode Notes

Equal Rites is, to the more experienced readers, much closer to what we associate with Discworld novels.  It's got a core argument and some characters we dearly love, it Says Something, it hides worldbuilding behind plot, and aside from some kinda rough edges it's a pretty decent book.

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